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The Truth About Root Canals

I have a lot to explain about root canals and will put on information and research as I can find it.  My experience with root canals?  They are an option to get a tooth out of pain until something else can be figured out.  But in no way would I recommend that they be a permanent solution.  In fact, I would recommend having a tooth extracted before doing a root canal if that's a possibility.  Why? Your teeth are a living, vibrant part of your body.  They have a blood supply for energy, a nerve supply to connect them to the rest of the body, they have tubes for fluid to go in and out of them and are constantly in a state of flux, dealing with all that you throw at them with biting, chewing, and talking.  When a tooth becomes infected, whether it's from a deep cavity, some sort of trauma, or from clenching or grinding, an abcess is your body's way to get rid of a tooth gone bad.  Root canals are done by dentists to preserve and basically mummify the tooth in the mouth, removing the blood supply and the nerve so it doesn't hurt anymore.  While the pain may be gone, it doesn't mean the problem is gone. Some of the concerns with root canals are explained by Dr. Mercola in the following video: I see people every day who have root canals.  When a patient has a root canal, we recommend doing a CT or 3D x-ray to examine the tooth.  This is different than the normal x-rays you usually have in the dental office to look for cavities; the CT gives a 3-dimensional look at the teeth and all the way around the root--it's the only way to truly see everything.  In almost every CT scan of a root canal tooth, there is infection in the bone--sometimes HUGE infection.  Seriously.  That is like having an open pussy sore on your hand all the time that never goes away.  Just because it's something you can't see doesn't mean it's not there.   When these root canal teeth are extracted, they often have a big sac of infection at the root tip, which is prime breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, fungus, and viruses.  You can imagine what that does to your body, your immune system is constantly at war. While I do not have a lot here to show you and go on yet, just trust me.  I see this every day.  You can't explain why you're getting sick all the time?  You have an inflammatory condition whose origin is unexplainable?  You better take a look in your mouth.  

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