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My purpose is to motivate and inspire possibilities. I teach intervention. I teach awareness. I teach action.

I move people, step-by-step, from what they know and where they are, to a higher level. I help others be more than what they were before. I bridge the gap from uncertainty to awareness, from awareness to belief, from belief to clarity, from clarity to determination, and from determination to accomplishment. I share methods that have been obtained by years of trial, years of practice, years of research, and years of practical application. I have valuable knowledge and experience. What I have to give will help others, it will improve others, and it will supply building blocks for the reconstruction of stronger, cleaner, and more wholesome lives.

Education: I received my Associates of Arts and Sciences from Ricks College and my Bachelor’s from Weber State University in Dental Hygiene.

Born: I was born in Utah but raised in Idaho and have always considered myself an Idaho girl. I love the wide open spaces of Idaho and think that the most beautiful sight in the world is the wind blowing across a young wheat field— it’s like an ocean of green. I could watch it all day!

Travel: while raising our two boys my husband and I did not travel much but traveled the world through food— India, China, Japan, the Middle East, Mexico, etc. But once we started traveling we went to the Caribbean many times as well as Mexico, Holland and Belgium. We love any place with a relaxing beach or beautiful scenery. Where do I want to go next? Banf National Park, Poland and New Zealand are on my bucket list.

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