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Welcome to my Blog!

We've all gotten that notice saying that it's time for our next dental appointment.  For some people this means sheer panic--"I gotta get out of this!  Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!"  For others all they hear is, "cha ching," as they visualize money that could be used for a nice beach vacation leaving their wallets.  And then there's the rationalizers who say, "Mom and Dad lost all their teeth, my teeth are in such terrible shape, I think I'm just going to ignore the dentist." Rule #1--DON'T EVER SKIP GOING TO THE DENTIST.    Did you know that good dental health may be the #1 reason that our life expectancy rate has increased over the last 100 years?  Going to the dentist is ALWAYS good, not only to make you look good, but because it is super important for your health.  Hi, I'm Cindy, and I'm your Hygienist.  I want to teach you some dental truths not often covered in a quick visit to the dentist that will save you money and quite possibly could save your life.  So pay attention, this is for you!

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