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Don't Want to Lose your Teeth? Then Read the Gums!

Did you ever wish that you could look into a crystal ball and get answers to life's questions?  Know what your future will be?psychics-1026092_1920 That would be amazing, wouldn't it! Well, I am not a palm reader or a psychic, but one thing I do do is read gums.  I can tell if your body is healthy, or not.  I can tell if you are going to have your teeth for the rest of your life, or not.  Why?  Because your gums tell me. To explain why, let's review about what gums are and what they do. In your mouth your teeth are surrounded by tissue called gingiva, or gums.  Here is a video  showing what I mean. girl-204327_1920These gums are colored from all the nourishing blood vessels that lie near the tissue surface.  The mouth  tissue is not tough and dry like the skin on your face or hands on the outside of the body.  It is tender and moist. splinterIf you were to have a sliver of wood in your hand what would happen?  It would swell up, get red, get puffy, and maybe even pussy.  Your body is trying to push out the sliver.  This process is known as inflammation. In the mouth there are all sorts of things that get stuck between the gums and teeth--mostly from the food you eat.  When things get stuck, your gums have the same reaction as a sliver in your hand....they get red, get puffy, and maybe even pussy; they are trying to push out what's stuck. Other things that get stuck in your mouth are smaller, like bacteria and microbes. dental plaque Your body does the same thing with these bugs as with the sliver, it tries to get rid of them by pushing them out with this inflammation process of getting red, puffy, and maybe even pussy.  But when the bugs are stuck to the teeth, which is what they do over time, they don't go away. When the body can't get rid of something between the tooth and gum, it switches it's game plan and says, "If the bugs can't be pushed off of the tooth, then let's extract the whole tooth!"worker-30240_1280 To extract the tooth the body starts having bone around the teeth dissolved.  It says, "If we get rid of bone and the teeth fall out, then the bugs will be gone!" This, my friends, is not good.  This is what is called gum disease. sore gums   I see people with gum disease every day.  I see people with their teeth being"pushed out" by their body from small local areas to every tooth in their mouth.  When this is happening, it means the  body has some problems and it needs some help. The first sign that the body is starting this excavation process is bleeding in the gums.  But even if your gums don't ever bleed when you brush and floss, it still may be's just deeper in the gums than you can reach with your home dental tools. So if you don't want to see missing teeth in your future, it would be wise to seek out a competent dental professional who can "read" your gums and find out if your body needs some help getting rid of bugs stuck to your teeth. If you want to know how a dental professional can read your gums, watch this video. If you want more information about gum disease, read this article or watch this video                

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