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Breathe Deeply

Do you realize how important it is to breathe well, especially at night, and all the health problems that can be related to a lack of good oxygen intake?  I want you to take a minute to answer these questions, for yourself and for each of your family members....

1.Do you wake up tired even though you had an adequate amount of time sleeping?boy-828850_1920

2. Are you tired and falling asleep throughout your day?

3. Does your jaw hurt when you wake up in the morning?

4. Do you breathe through your mouth when you sleep?sleeping-1311784_1920

5. Do you snore?

6. Do you have high blood pressure?

7. Do you have anxiety?

8. Do you have depression?

9. Are your teeth sensitive?

10. Have you noticed your teeth getting shorter?lama-3582739_1920

11. Does it feel like your bite is shifting?

12. Are you sick a lot?

13. Do you frequently get headaches?

14. Do you have trouble concentrating, staying focused, or have been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder?man-3323546_1920

15. Do you wet the bed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, for yourself or for any of your family members, I want you to read the articles linked below to find out about airway obstruction disorders, or sleep apnea.  I want you to know why this is such a big deal, why you should be checked by your dentist, and why it's important to get treatment. CNN Health PubMed Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome The Chameleon Disease Health Complications in Children I highly encourage you to become more informed about sleep apnea.  Read these articles, ponder on you and your family's sleeping and breathing habits.  Recognize that many health complications may be related to the quality and quantity of oxygen intake at night.  Have your dentist check your teeth, get a proper mouthguard, get a sleep test if needed, and make sure you are breathing deeply!      

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