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Welcome to Cindy’s Tooth Truth

I am on a mission, and that mission is to save lives.  Through this blog I want to help others find THEIR truth by giving them knowledge and awareness.  I want to prevent life-altering mistakes, I want to save people from incorrect information, I want to teach what I know and have learned from years of experience.   I have had lessons that need to be told, I have gained knowledge that gives real answers.  I want to impart of my own discoveries so others will be set up for a more productive and satisfying life. I want to be a step in the right direction. Through the last two decades as a dental hygienist I have been able to see connections between people's mouths and their physical and emotional health.  I have been able to see conventional and holistic health practices; what is helpful, and what is not.  I see things that others do not and I want to teach you some tooth truth.

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