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Hi, I'm Cindy...

And I am capable of creating an extraordinary life for you, for me, and for the world.

Thank you so much for being here and for your strong desire to be an advocate for better health and wellness.

My journey into the health profession began in 1990 and came as a result of wanting to help others, one on one. I was trained to be a preventer—for years I assisted patients by giving them my “hygiene” advice every six months. But then I started noticing that as people aged, their dental health changed; people that had been so robust in the past were getting sick, and the preventative measures that I recommended weren’t slowing this down. My university training and the dental community said this was just a part of aging and was normal. When I went to dental meetings seeking answers I noticed that everything was focused on “fixing” people’s problems instead of finding out where people’s problems were coming from in the first place. As a trained preventer, this didn’t seem right.

My own health played a factor in my health and wellness journey as I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 1998, a debilitating painful condition that resulted in many surgeries, therapies, and many rounds of antibiotics. The treatments left me sore, drained, malnourished, and barely capable of fulfilling my role as a wife, mother, and a health professional. Over the next 20+ years I searched for answers to better health and healing.

I had two defining moments that changed the course of my search. One was in 2014 when the dentist I was working for purchased a holistic dental practice. I knew nothing about holistic dentistry but learned through training and seeking answers to questions from holistic patients how to look backwards for causes and then look forward for solutions. I also learned of alternative methods of healing besides what was generally available in Western Medicine.

The second defining moment came in 2016 while attending the Utah Dental Meeting in Salt Lake City. Two hygiene presenters, Anne Guignon and Jamie Marboe, spoke on the same topic—biofilm. I had heard of biofilm but wasn’t aware of it’s impact on dental and systemic health. With a year of further training by Jamie Marboe and Inspired Hygiene, I became a biofilm expert.

Now loaded with holistic education which focused on natural healing, my own research on rebooting my debilitated body, and the implications of biofilm on oral and systemic health, the prevention pieces all started coming together. I have spent the last several years using what I know to treat disease and promote better health. I loved helping patients, one on one, progress from sickness to health. But I was limited—I couldn’t reach that many people. In 2019 I decided that what I knew needed to be taught to others so that they in turn could reach the people that I couldn’t. Hence, the creation of a consulting business that focuses on health and wellness that can impact the lives of others on a grander scale.

My desire to learn so I can help more people is insatiable. I am a prevention sleuth. My searching has led me to new horizons of physical, emotional, and mental health which include lasers, ozone, diet regulation, gut health, and mentoring. In the near future I would like to become a certified nutritional therapist.

So that’s been my journey.

Thank you for stopping in, I’d love for you to email me and let me know how I can help you!

Some things you might not know about me:

  • I was classically trained on the violin and participated in an orchestra called The Teton Chamber Orchestra for 13 years, backing up artists like Beth Nielsen Chapman, Richard Marx, David Archuletta, Collin Rae, and many others.
  • I am a grandma! I have one adorable little granddaughter.
  • I used to love doing gymnastics and had high hopes of becoming another Nadia Comaneci, but my Korean coach, Yen, told me that at 5’7” I was too tall. I resorted to playing volleyball instead.
  • I love to cook! I love to try all kinds of new foods; cooking is like an adventure waiting to happen. My yummiest treat was a vanilla macaroon filled with homemade triple berry and goat cheese ice cream. My husband, both my sons, and my daughter-in-law are all cooks as well so the kitchen is the main hub of our home.
  • In high school I participated in the Junior Miss Pageant. I didn’t win a darn thing but learned how to put on make-up properly and walk in heals. It was awesome! I highly recommend it for any teen-age girl.
  • One thing on my bucket list is to travel to New Zealand and take a boat ride down a beautifully scenic river, like in Lord of the Rings. I absolutely love nature, beautiful sunsets, groves of trees, trails, and have many pictures to prove it, though my husband is constantly having to wait for me while I am taking them.

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